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MATISSE responds to the fourth bullet of the HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-05 topic “expected outcome”, delivering improved aircraft technologies in the area of multifunctional structures capable of storing electrical energy for hybrid electric aircraft applications.

MATISSE aims to advance the SotA in structural quasi-solid-state electrochemistry, on-cell
and in-structure sensors, and battery integration in both solid and sandwich composite laminate aeronautic structures. MATISSE will deliver TRL 4 on a sizeable aeronautic demonstrator (i.e. a full-scale
wing tip for use on the fully electric CS-23 Pipistrel Velis Electro), paving the way for approaching the market for CS-23/25 propulsive applications by 2035. The MATISSE technology will be crucial for utilizing batteries on hybrid electric commuter and regional applications, enhancing Li-ion aeronautic batteries’ energy storage performance while integrating them into multifunctional structural elements.


Work Package structure of MATISSE project

End-user performance and life cycle requirements

Smart structural cell development

Structure/cell/module integrated design

Coupon manufacturing, testing and health monitoring

Demonstrator prototyping and lab testing

Life cycle sustainability verification, performance evaluation and virtual upscale

Dissemination, communication, exploitation and IPR management

Project management

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