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Different Countries

MATISSE Consortium

MATISSE relies on a diversified portfolio of competences from a consortium of
partners from 5 different EU member states (Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Germany), plus
1 Associated Country (Israel).

These include 4 Academic/RTO players (AIT, ONERA, CIRA, and KIT), 3 SMEs (SCP, PVS and LT) and
1 large industry (IAI), representing different positions along the aeronautic value chain and reflecting a balanced mix of expertise in the fields of batteries, aeronautics and microelectronics.

The AIT Center for Low-Emission Transport coordinates MATISSE and leads WP2, WP6 and WP8, develops the structural battery electrochemistry in its battery material research lab and manufactures the SB cells with its battery research pilot line.

ONERA leads WP4, develops and tests manufacturing and integration concepts, develops numerical methods and provides testing on multi-instrumented test benches including the new JERICHO test platform.

CIRA leads WP3, develops integration concepts and numerical methods, and performs testing at the LASA facility.

PVS leads WP1 and WP5, manufactures the demonstrator specimens and evaluates MATISSE technology for commuter class aircraft.

SCP develops sensing and PLC for the smart SB cell, manufactures the SENSIPLUS chip and the CMU.

LT communicates the project and its results towards non-specialist stakeholders and outreach to the public.

The KIT Helmholtz Institute Ulm leads WP7 and develops structural battery electrochemistry in its battery research lab facilities.

IAI explores innovative materials using their R&D innovative group labs and evaluates MATISSE technology for large passenger aircraft.